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If you are in Kenya, You can join here.

Signup guide

The PTWU sign-up forms are still a work-in-progress. This FAQ will hopefully answer some questions we've had so far.

Employer name

You need to enter "PTWU" We obviously all work for many different companies, and so at the launch stage it was agreed to make this the way to identify new PTWU branch members and put them in the right place, rather than try and guess all of the companies we might have people join from. Entering this will open up the following form fields

Contracted Hours

This help determine how much you pay per month. The monthly PTWU subscription fee at present is 3000/= . We're exploring ways of making this clearer during the sign up process.

Job Title/Grade

Another legacy of dealing with employers , where you are encouraged to join a particular union based on your grade/seniority.

Work Place

Work place is a fluid concept at the moment, feel free to put the name of the company you work for here, or 'Home Worker' if that applies.

Payroll Number (optional)

No need to enter this. Legacy question, partly stemming from how unions used to accept subscriptions before the days of Direct Debit.

Work Phone Number (optional)

No need to enter this.

Work email (optional)

We suggest using a personal email, since it sticks with you long after you've left the company you were at when you joined the union.

National Insurance Number(Optional)

A very good way of uniquely identifying you in a union.

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